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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/30/2020
  • Severity: 10

Meir Tax

Meir Raanan is a SCAMMER & THEIF

Van Nuys, California

Meir Tax
Meir Raanan is a SCAMMER & THEIF
Van Nuys, California
Meir Raanan. Meir Raanan also known as Meir Tax. Meir Tax aka Meir Raanan.
Meir Raanan owns a SCAM business called Meir Tax. Meir Raanan also owns a SCAM business called Italuce.
Meir Raanan aka Meir Tax aka Italuce are all fronts for extremely ILLEGAL, shady, highly corrupt backroom dealings in illegal drugs.
Meir Raanan operates a so-called "Tax preparing" business in a filthy, dark, run-down, horribly sleazy section of Van Nuys, CA.
Meir Raanan is NOT a certified or licensed accountant. He is here from Israel and he is INCOMPETENT.
If you allow and pay him to prepare your taxes, he will make so many mistakes that will cause you numerous, endless problems with the IRS and other financial agencies. Your problems will never end and you will LOSE incredible amounts of money.
Meir Raanan Is also a thief, a SCAMMER, and a CON ARTIST.
His has a sleazy, dark, dim, actually unstable (Yes, the narrow, old, splintered outdoor staircase that leads to his HIDDEN second floor office is about to fall apart) office.
The office is overcrowded with equipment and boxes and cases full of illegal narcotics and weapons and other material that he actually sells, while he uses the office as a fake front for his shady dealings.
His shady dealings are under a business name: Italuce.
He also has a contacting license, but that, too, is used as another fake front for his weapons trading.
While he charges extremely high rates to incompetently and incorrectly prepare your taxes, you must sit and wait in his office that is cluttered with drugs, rotten food, stench, and other things that make you physically ill.
And he cannot even file taxes correctly. He keeps you waiting as he:
1) Has to call and spend hours on the phone with tax advocates who have talk and walk him through all of mistakes he made and who get so frustrated with him and his broken English, that you can hear it in their voices.
2). He has tons of other calls on other lines from other angry, upset clients
3). He leaves to run out and do deliveries and errands for his shady drug business and other corrupt dealings, for hours and hours.

Meir Raanan currently resides in Brentwood, CA.
However, he often flies off to Israel, where he has an ex girlfriend and a toddler daughter.
He has actually molested and had you-know-what, YOU-KNOW-WHAT with the little girl.
This is why his ex girlfriend is his ex now. When the woman was here, he had gotten her knocked up with the baby. Only 8 days after the kid was born, he molested her.
Now the 2-year old kid is a HO. Yes, the 2-year old kid is in training to become a SPREAD-IT-AROUND, PSYCHOPATH like her daddy, Meir Raanan.
So the ex is constantly suing him in Israeli courts, so he frequently flies off to Israel to attend court hearings. But he has to do it under the radar, because he is on the fugitive list. And that's why he has several different ID's under different names.
This means that:
1). When he messes up your tax filings and you have immense trouble with the IRS and other, and you try to contact him, he will block you and never respond to or help you.
He will completely cut you off
2). If you have any other dealings with him, he will screw you, steal your money, and then disappear for a while.

His website is full of B.S.
The website mentions "our team." In reality, there is NO "team" there. It's just liar, con artist Meir Raanan and his many surveillance cameras (Because he has so many enemies that he's made by doing illegal dealings and getting everyone angry at himself) and his slimy, dirty, ant and cockroach-ridden office.
HIs office and even the surrounding areas outside his office have many video surveillance cameras. That's because he is in so much trouble with so many people that he has to constantly hide from his many enemies. So he has to constantly keep watch.
And while you're in his office, you're in danger, too, because his enemies are always looking for him.

Meir Raanan has had sevral receptionists work for him
But they've all left. So he currently has some very young boy as his assistant.
And here's the thing:
Meir Raanan also like little boys. He in fact loves them. Make of this what you want, because it's all true.

So do NOT hire Meir Raanan to prepare your taxes. In fact, do not deal with him at all.

By the way, if you have been unfortunate enough to be victimized by him, you can make a police report AND you can file a formal complaint about him with agencies that govern accountants, becuase he is Unlicensed and is doing all of this illegaly.

And ignore any phony reply he might post here.
Meir Raanan is a professional bbullshyttter.
Bullshhytting is the only thing he does professionally.

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Meir Raanan is a SCAMMER & THEIF


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  • Kobi65
  • Submitted: 08/25/2020
Just came across this and can truly say that everything you said is false. Meir Tax is a credible business that does great work. Not sure why you wrote this about Meir and his business but I can assure you that it is untrue as I have been a client of Meir Tax for over 8 years. Meir always provides excellent service at great affordable prices. My entire family uses Meir for tax services and we are all pleased with his work. None of these allegations you have made are not true by any stretch of the imagination. By the way you should probably look for grammar teacher not an accountant.
I'm Yifat Shoshani, Meir's spouse and mother of his daughter. Meir is described in the article in a false and incorrect way.

I can testify that Meir is a wonderful warm partner and an amazing father who spoiles and cares for the girl. We plan to move to the United States and live together as a family in September next year.

Meir has a large and warm network of friends who love him. He has several hundred customers who trust him with their eyes closed and I have never heard of a customer who complained about him. Meir is a hardworking guy who works from morning to night to support his family. He is a certified accountant. Hope you will delete this false post it is immoral

He is an accountant who performs his work with credibility, diligence and great loyalty to his clients. Hope you take down the false post it is immoral to corrupt the reputation of a man who built with his own hands for 20 years in lies and false plots.

It is better that you meet with him and try to solve a problem that has arisen between you due to non-payment to Meir for a consultation meeting.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false defamatory post about this innocent man. She has done this to several people across this site.
The above-mentioned comments (kobi65 and Yifatshoshani) are very highly suspect.
Notice kobi65. Kobi65 is actually Scammer Meir Raanan's favorite athlete, when he was alive. Lol.
As for Yifatshoshani, well Meir Raanan has never been married, so that is no spouse. As for the mother of his child, well she never speaks to Meir Raanan, for the reasons mention the original poster, here. Furthermore, she lives in Israel and has never been in America. And this site does not operate in America. So you just know those 2 comments are pure lies)For further reference, read his Yelp reviews. A year ago he had several very bad, but true, reviews against him. But then suddenly they were gone ( yes, that site does tge bidding of any business owner that pays for advertising). In their place are evenly time spaced fake good reviews. Notice they're all in exact same speech pattern and broken English. ALL FAKE ( Just like Yifatshoshani here). But do read the FILTERED reviews, namely Jeff M and Dana L. They suffered the same harm by Meir Raanan.
My personal experiences with this guy are nightmarish. Meir Raanan filed my taxes last year. He made numerous mistakes and he's cost me horrendous penalties costs. A different accountant advised me to file a formal complaint against Meir Raanan with the IRS and I have done so.
  • Renny
  • Submitted: 10/12/2020
Reply to the commenter:

Her real name is Tori Anne Rouse.
And she's nothing but a liar and a troublemaker.
Here's the latest info on her, and all over the internet:

Oh those birds of a feather. They indeed always stick together.
So Tori Anne Rouse, the internet barfly strikes again.
This woman is an S & M devotee. And she just loves the abuse. She even intentionally brings it on to herself. She aggressively seeks it out.
Well since Tori Anne Rouse loves negative attention via defaming people and making false accusations, here's some TRUE AND FACTUAL information about her:
Beware of Tori Anne Davis aka Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse and Trey Davis.
They are a married couple, currently residing in Wichita, Kansas.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and Trey Davis have rented several apartments in Fort Worth and then in Kansas and they DESTROYED all of the apartments, upon receiving eviction warnings.
Tori Rouse is a diagnosed Sociopath. Trey Davis is an extreme codependent.
Whatever Tori Anne Rouse orders poor Trey Davis to do, he does, including having helped her vandalize and tear up and destroy several rentals.
Then, upon finally vacating the each premises, they failed to pay the several months of overdue rent.
They both have also defaulted on several loans.
Be very aware that Roti Anne Rouse, due to being a pathological liar and Sociopath disordered personality, will LIE and Falsely deny these 100% factual statements. However, also be aware that Tori Anne Rouse, due to being an avid scammer and tech savvy individual, who is devoid of a conscience, knows how to and has hacked many systems in order to hide her (Criminal and) Default and Eviction record and life of Fraud and Crime.
She also has Youtube and other social media accounts for which she has created thousands of FAKE accounts and FAKE "followers," in order to convince (Trick) prospective landlords, loan agents, employers that she's an upstanding" citizen.
However, the facts are horribly FAR from and the opposite of what she Fakes and Falsely portrays.
Her life of crime includes Child Sex Trafficking and a host of other heinous crimes.
(The fact that she ever had a job working with children attests to the fact that she hacked the system to hide her record and manipulated the person who made the grave mistake of hiring her).
All who have ever made the mistake of having hired her, rented to her, loaned to her, have been stalked, slandered, defamed by this woman.

Don't be swayed by any False "comment" that she frequently posts. She's a practiced manipulator.
She is also in the habit of refusing to take any personal accountability & so she Falsely blames others for the Factual posts (Complaints) about herself and even others.
Tori Anne Rouse is extremely dishonest, manipulative, unstable.
She is also highly unpredictable and violent.
Among her Sociopath specialties is the ability to manipulate, talk a big phony talk, and to garner sympathy from people to make them feel sorry for her, so that she can obtain whatever she wants during her defrauding sprees.
Be CAUTIOUS and do not deal with these individuals under any circumstances, for to do so is asking for and in fact receiving endless trouble.
She's good at playing the "victim."

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