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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/12/2020
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Violet Barazza Focused Fitness

Violet Barazza And Focused Fitness Scam And Thievery

Burbank, California

Violet Barazza is currently a resident of Burbank, California.
Violet Barazza is also a (SUB par, lousy) personal trainer and owner of Focused Fitness Studio.
Violet Barazza, the underhanded, manipulative fugly little pig, used to be a trainer at Total Woman Gym And Spa, until she was fired for very inappropriate behavior, large sums pf theft from clients and customers, extortion, embezzlement, and a host of other crimes.
But, because she was pregnant at the time of being caught red-handed, management decided not to press charges and just fired her on the spot.
Violet Barazza now owns a dinky, UNsanitary, UNsafe so-called studio, where she charges huge, unreasonable rates for Unskilled training, in which she causes massive injuries, sprains, and other problems.
Worse, she quotes one rate, but then, half-way through a package of sessions, she suddenly increases those same rates, so that you're now stuck with your money tied up with her and forced to pay MUCH MUCH MORE, or lose all of the money you already gave her.
Violet Barazza is also extremely sneaky and underhanded.
She falsely alleges the sessions to be about an hour.
But then, after she's already gotten your money, she'll say the sessions are only 50 minutes.
But then you'll notice she only gives 40 minute sessions, therefore cheating you of more time and MORE MONEY!
Violet Barazza is extremely sneaky but also very underhanded.
Violet Barazza is a snake. She falsely presents herself as some so-called sweet little lady. But, in truth, she's a wishy washy, dishonest, snake in the grass and a headache to deal with. She has very deep personal mental and psychological issues, which then become YOUR issues.
She wastes at least 20 minutes of YOUR sessions talking about all the men who have cheated on her, dumped her, and did her wrong.
Yet she charges YOU the entire time.
Her training, at Focused Fitness, is terrible. You end up sustaining terrible injuries and other permanent damages.
Furthermore, she uses her children to bank money for herself. She pimps her fugly son and daughter to do commercials, while she goes to their auditions to desperately search for men. She can't get any quality men, because she's rather hideous inside and out, what with that huge, honking black wart on the other side of her nose and all.
But people are what they are.
Just a fair warning about dealing with Violet Barazza of Focused Fitness.

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Violet Barazza And Focused Fitness Scam And Thievery Violet Barazza And Focused Fitness Scam And Thievery Violet Barazza And Focused Fitness Scam And Thievery


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Who Scammed You Commenter
I am fairly certain that Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false post about this woman. Teresa is known for writing false posts about people on this website, myself included. I will be commenting on the posts that I believe that she's done. Some I am 100% sure she wrote, others I have not been able to confirm yet.

Teresa goes by other names:
Terry Smith
Terry Arasheben
Tressa Arasheben
and others.

She uses many fake alias names across the internet. She uses many websites similar to this to write defamatory posts about people who have upset her in some form or fashion.

If you have further questions about Teresa, feel free to contact me. Teresa has posted my name across the internet, so it should be pretty easy to find me on social media and you can DM me on there. Or comment here and I will reply.
I am absolutely certain that Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori's Stories aka Tori Anne Davis, a convicted child molester, rental scammer, loan scammer, computer hacker, wrote the above FALSE comment under "toria99."
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
I can provide a long list of video footage evidence of her crime sprees, manipulation tactics, FRAUD (Including her IP address) on a commercial website, and much more proof.

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis is a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath and borderline personality aka anti social personality disordered woman.
In plain speak, this means that she's a pathological liar and practiced manipulator.
Do an internet search of Tori Anne Rouse and you will see it all.
(Her life and livelihood are forever ruined.

Hi Tori!
Lisa Keller says "Hey gurrrl, how ya doing?")

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