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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/12/2020
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Mark Swinney

SCAM Artist, PHONY, Fake Christian Scientist

Sandra Park, New Mexico

Mark Swinney CSB, a "Christian scientist," in Sandia Park, New Mexico is a religious PHONY AND SCAM ARTIST.
Any religion that uses "god" is a business, designed only for financial profit and other selfish gain.
If not, explain all of the horrible, unjust things that constantly happen, especially to the innocent animals, in this world filled with selfish, evil people.
And that's for any religion. Because, after all, religion was never about benevolence or kindness or even this concept of a non-existent "god."
Take, for example, Christian science. CS is a more or less softer version of the other religions out there to make money and rule over the others. However, make no mistake, CS is just as bad. And, in that, one of its fake & phonies is a man by the name of Mark Swinney.
Mark Swinney CSB markets himself as a "soft-spoken," "harmless" so-called speaker and savior.
However, in reality, Mark Swinney CSB is an absolute A-Hole.
His approach is soft and "kind." But then, every salesperson has a tactic. And these phony tactics are his personal tools (and WEAPONS).
He comes on gentle.
But, when the chips are down, he is mean, rude, and even vicious.
Mark Swinney aka Mark Swinney CSB has never helped a single person. And don't pay attention to any fake "testimonials." These days, every person and business has so-called testimonials. Those are called a publicity team. And non of them are true.
I met Mark Swinney via internet, at a time when I was in the most need for spiritual and emotional support.
He initially came across as a nice guy.
But he was really the opposite of a "nice" guy. And I discovered that very soon after.
On the eve of the death of my loved one, when I reached out to Mark Swinney (and another Christian scientist) he was horribly rude, insensitive, mean, and stand offish.
Was it just that he'd happened to have a bad day. an inopportune moment? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
This was actually the real Mark Swinney (and the representation of all Christian scientists): AN A-HOLE WHO NEVER EVER CARED TO BEGIN WITH.
See, a short time before, he had demanded a hefty "donation" to his personal bank account. When I did not have it to give, he became irate and unreachable. And he stopped "praying" and doing his CS spiritual "work" for my loved one (besides the facts that said "spiritual work" and "healing thoughts" had NOT one healing effect on my loved one and the cancer continued until he suffered endlessly and there was no other choice in the matter).
Am I just a "disgruntled" former CS follower for whom it didn't work, because I personally could not carry out the precepts of Mary Baker Eddy? AGAIN, ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Rather, I am person, whom after 45 years or so, had her eyes finally opened, on the eve of my dear, loved one's death, to the fact that there can be no and there is no "god" (If god is purported to be a "good entity, then NO, there is NO such thing). And my eyes were finally and irrevocably opened to the reality that humans and. especially humans who use religion as business of profit, are only EVIL and become increasingly so by the day.
I have found that animals, especially dogs, have more value, and put in more labor and give more love and more good, and are LESS of a burden, than even the most successful human being (And so much more so in the case of less successful human beings).
Human beings are selfish, evil TRASH, while dogs and other animals have more health benefits, emotional benefits, other benefits, and less burden than any human.
And it took a human piece of TRASH, such as (But certainly not limited to) Mark Swinney aka Mark Swinney CSB of Sandia Park, New Mexico, for me to realize that and come to that irrevocable decision.
And, now even months after the death and loss of my dearest loved one, I still mourn and grieve every single moment, for him, yet I also have the clearest concept of religion, so-called (and non-existent) "god," and humans.


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