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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/10/2020
  • Severity: 7

Scott Willeford

Liar, thief,

Austin, Texas

Scott will smile to your face and act like he’s the greatest guy in the world but he’s 100% fake. He abused and cheated his first wife and laughed about turning their daughter against her. Then he dated a girl who’s husband died and he totally lived off her, used her for money to start his business and take vacations and bragged about their house to everyone. Only it was her house. He didn’t even have a job and lived at home with his mommy and daddy. In his 40’s. When his parents died he STOLE valuable things from their house that didn’t belong to him. He remarried and still doesn’t work and has her convinced to bow down and obedient to him
He plays the big Christian and husband but he’s fakest of the fake. Swprophoto dot com


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