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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/09/2020
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Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Cincinnati, Ohio

On December 18, 2019 I received a letter through the better business bureau that I charged back an item on October 30, 2019 at a private men's health club.

I have visited this health club 3 times. I never disputed any charges I made. In fact the men's health club banned me because they got a charge back notice that was not even for my card. I mailed the bank account merchant asking if they had made a mistake. No answer.

The BBB provided a copy of the charge back. The card in question was from chase bank. I never had a card with chase . I looked over my card that I used and the purchase in question was made to my card in my name. My bank supplied a letter that I never charged back any of my purchases with the health club.

The health club after i provided them with the correct documentation from my bank said that they dont care. So they never verified my name against the person who filed the charge back. They said I would become a liability because I questioned them about what happened.

1. I used the health club 3 times.

2. I never disputed anything with my bank.

3. They used a charge back from a different date and customer name to say it was me.

4. I asked them to re validate my concern. They said I should never question their business practices. They say what goes.

5. My name is on a black list of charge backs.

6. I never had a card with Chase and they verified that with health club.

Health club said because I wanted to be right and prove them wrong, they just rather have me gone. They don't realize accusations against someone who charge back is a serious issue. All for $42. The banks cleared me of any wrong doing. So why does the health club after 7 years of being a good customer want me out?


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