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Giuseppe Barsalona owner Bhakti Cattery

Criminal cat seller

Sciacca, Sicilia

Giuseppe Barsalona owner BHAKTI CATTERY
During the period of 2018-2019, i made a BIG mistake: I made confusion between "friendship" and "professionality" and so I want to share my experience with everybody.
I breed colourpoint persian since 2010, I bought cats from the best breeders and I NEVER had problems.
In 2018 I became friend of Giuseppe Barsalona (Bhakti Cattery).
He knew I was searching for a good cats for my CPC project and he propose me an exotic female kitten, named Bhakti Adorata. I payed her (4000 euros) in November 2018. Strangely he never send video or photos of Adorata growing (after I discovered why...) and I could bring her only in June 2019, when I went to Bhakti cattery. When I arrived I discovered that the girl, at 8 months old, was 1.800 gr of weight, that she had mycosis and her left eye was in bad conditions. He said to me that she only had an accident, during the grooming, and he gave me an eye drops...
I know that, despite friendship, I should have left the cat in Sicily but, after waiting months and having faith in "a friend", I decided to take Adorata at home. He told me that the cat was "slow" in growing and would improve and that the eye would heal in few days. After 3-4 days, with no improvement in eye condition, Mr Barsalona suggest me to use Virgan (an anti-herpetic ointment for an accidental eye injurion??).
So, after a PCR, I discovered that the cats had Herpes virus. Because of her health condition, I couldn't threat her for mycosis with drugs but only with baths, because I focalised on threating her herpes virus. I saved her eye, but obviously, it remained opaque and the cat wasn't good for show and breed.
I propose him to sterilized Adorata and rehome her a pets but he refused and wanted her back. After months of temporization, finally at the end of october I sent him the cat with a pet delivery, at my expenses (400 euros) and after 5 months of maintenances and cares at my home. I received only a partial refound of what I effectively spent for her.
I return a cat with no weight improvemdent, with an opaque eye and still mycosis, but well cared for.
He started to tell everybody that HE remove me the cats because I wasn't right to have one of his "precious" cats and tell that Adorata was in bad condition, dying, dishidrated.
Soo in bad condition that he declared she would have been included in the breeding program and mate her after 1 months.
So, my experience with this breeder was terrible and it's not concluded: after having not received the amount of money I spent for, I am still bullied, stalked and he still continue defame me with everybody. But I'm not a coward and I don't have any problem to share the TRUTH with everybody.
"All that glitters are not gold". Definitely.
Here there are photos, videos and vet certificate.

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Criminal cat seller Criminal cat seller Criminal cat seller


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  • Io
  • Submitted: 02/10/2020
Dishonest person. He has already had problems with CFA association. Able only to insult people hoping to make them shut up !!!

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