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Gary’s Percision diesel

Warrantee fraud,

Twin falls, Idaho

So I ran a job at the Twin Falls, called Garys Precision Diesel Twin Falls Idaho, I was a little bit hesitant given they weren’t very good at picking up the phone or returning calls, now I know why. These retards don’t know how to run a business. Several months after my ac was replaced the AC compressor craps out and I am due a refund under warranty, Gary was very offended when I got him on the phone over this, thought I was trying to scam him. Since then I agreed to ship the product back to him for inspection, and he’s never picked up the phone or returned any of my phone calls, so now we have to file a Better Business Bureau complaint, start a legal file with the county court because this jack ass doesn’t know how to pick up the phone or return phone calls to customers, which is business 101. I recommend the business for dummies series, by the end of page 1 they instruct you to call your customers back. If zero stars was an option, I would leave zero stars. This place is not recommended for any automotive repair, and it’s certainly not precision of any kind.

Update, three weeks after I mailed the parts in, never got a callback until one week after I filed a better business complaint, bingo the phone rings and Gary left the nastiest message as if I did something to cause all of this. What a piece of work

Update, no calls back no refund he just simply disregarded me, I suggest the public disregard him


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