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  • Submitted: 01/16/2020
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Tatiana Cerritos and Sebastian Colce and Dayanna

Racism and Deadbeat

Orlando, Florida

Bcs of thoses peoples gang up and emotional abused pregnant Nigerian/kenia descendants from Brazil and make the mother of Sebastian kids the Nigerian pregnant women homeless and hopeless while she’s pregnant they trying send the pregnant Nigerian descendent domestic violence surviver back too her ex husband who is convicted children abused just bcs Sebastian said the woman is too black for being part of his world with his Nigerian descendants children,they abandoned the children sick in the hospital under children abused “paternity” bcs of the struggling the mom of the children today have CPTSD Tatiana And Sebastian never have real marriage they have 10 years of fake marriage they dating outside they marriage while they was together,today Sebastian is married With Dayanna trujillo and they did the same fake marriage Sebastian have girlfriend and Dayanna have boyfriend.but the society they have white perfect disfunctional family.
Mind while Sebastian son grows up struggling in some segregated neighborhoods with her Nigerian mother with Cptsd while Sebastian and Tatiana Cerritos raised white boy name Cesar bcs his white children Sebastian saída America loves white kids and hates black children and black womens for this reason his not consistent in his black children life and his treat his own blood like a pissed shit bcs is black children.Tatiana Cerritos invites the mother of the children to moving to another state bcs white peoples think they can doing whatever they want with black peoples body and life. They turn the children life miserable for fun and for give the Nigerian mother of his children a lesson and show they power.
Thoses peoples hate black women and black children they work hard to hold Nigerian descendants down.the Sebastian and his women’s plan is the mother his children got struggling and moved for another country or going back to her abusive ex husband for raised Sebastian black children bcs his too busy raised Cesar and Dayanna kids By the Way Sebastian is a limp dick completely limp dick,that’s what’s white greedy women do suck the men energy and make they completely limp dick. Go white feminists enjoy your limp dick male power.Lol I may will became homeless again with Sebastian kid and I know I’m struggling with CPTSD result of your all savage hate and emotional abuse just bcs I’m Nigerian Women who survived domestic violence twice.about the children Sebastian is inconsistent father who’s give less for his children and treat his son rough for being a boy and treat miserable the boy on food stamps and welfare programs while his provide for Cesar kids shelter and everything also emotional support,his did for punished the Cptsd Nigerian mother of his children.that what’s white feminist and Hispanic peoples do with Nigerian diaspora women and children they gang up and ruined they dream and lives for fun.

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Racism and Deadbeat


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