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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/22/2019
  • Severity: 10

Tammy Walters

Slumlord Scammer!!

Eldorado, ON

This woman took $2900 from me and my family at Christmas time to move into a new apartment. Since the third day we have had no heat even in -30 weather. Our stove burned out and she won’t flip the breakers for hours when our little space heaters trip them even though the live in their heated house 15 feet away beside us. Why? Because she does not want is here figures we will just leave. Not happening. Beware of 1095 Cleveland Rd eldorado ont. since day 3 no heat like come on it’s january -30 for the last week 39 in here.
We had to buy a Coleman stove to cook with and have gone through so many tanks.
Watch out Ashplund tree service is who her husband works for he bought this house for 70 000 from the bank promising a guy who owed the bank that money 20 000 so he got something for the house. Well Julious Bognar (German) Paid the bank but not the dude. Cheap house. And now we pay 1250 to rent above there shuttle antique shop.


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