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  • Submitted: 11/19/2018
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No empathy towards members

Self Help Federal Credit Union

San Diego, California

November 19, 2018
Self Help Federal Credit Union
4029 43rd Street, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92105
This letter is to express my apologies to the call center and staff at the San Diego Office. Today, however, Ms. Holden, of the San Diego branch disregarded my apology and went on a rant while I was crying and under severe distress. She had and continued to have no empathy towards me.
I have been under an incredible amount of healthy stress in the last 60 days. I may have said some rude words. However, according to Ms. Holden, I a visit to her branch in the last 30 days. She stated that I would not leave the branch and had to be escorted away by security. Really? Who was the security guard and who was there to witness this incident?
I had a very small verbal incident with a SHFCU associate and I left the branch. In fact, this is not the first time I have heard about this credit union having problems with its members in the State of California. I believe SHFCU is a merger of many mergers that could not keep their associates in check nor satisfy their members.
Ms. Holden, I feel, in my feelings, which I am entitled to, is a person of corporate policies rather than community. I am thankful that my loan will be paid off soon and I can put this ridiculous of a chapter of my life behind me. This letter also should be construed as a cease and desist letter to the entire staff of the San Diego branch. If anyone wishes to reach me, management may call me.


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